Lake Louise

Taxi from Canmore to Lake Louise.

Ride in style, comfort and safety from Canmore to Lake Louise. Door to door service, we will pick you up from where you are staying and take you directly to Lake Louise. No worrying about schedules and pickup locations, we make getting to Lake Louise as effortlessly as possible.

Please Call Three Sisters Taxi


  • On demand service from Canmore to Lake Louise is available, but not guaranteed. For the best possible experience, please make a reservation.
  • Trips from Canmore to Lake Louise are dependent on driver availability. We make all possible efforts to make your trip possible with either ourselves or our partners. In the event a driver cannot be secured for your trip you will be promptly informed and any deposit will be immediately refunded.
  • All trips from Canmore to Lake Louise must be secured with a credit card and at least a 50% deposit. The remaining balance and gratuity is to be paid to the driver at the conclusion of the trip.
  • All trip deposits from Canmore AB to Lake Louise are NON REFUNDABLE, with the exception of a driver not being available.
  • You can reschedule for free from Canmore AB to Lake Louise if it is beyond 24 hours before the trip departure or in the event of adverse weather conditions. Rescheduling within 24 hours of the trip departure may incur a $50 rescheduling fee. Rescheduling is also dependent on driver availability. Even if you wish to reschedule and there is no driver available, your deposit is still non refundable.
  • Trips from Canmore AB to Lake Louise are from A to B with the possible exception of a restroom stop. If you need to make one or more stops along the way this needs to be communicated with the dispatcher at the point of reservation and will incur additional charges. Most of our drivers are on a tight schedule, if you communicate the need for multiple stops at the point of departure with the driver the request will most likely be refused.
  • No smoking, drinking alcohol or pets are permitted on trips from Canmore, Town of, to Lake Louise. One possible exception of a small dog in a carrier may be permitted, please discuss with the dispatcher.
  • Trips from Canmore, Town of, to Lake Louise may be refused if there is a driver unavailable, adverse weather conditions, if occupants are unruly, cargo is unsafe, or no reason at all.